The Most Beautiful Sao Miguel Beaches in the Azores

The best of the Azores islands for beaches, Sao Miguel boasts more than 20 volcanic, black sand beaches of varying sizes.  In this extensive guide, we’ll give you our top choices for São Miguel Beaches, including our three favorite beaches, the best off the beaten path beaches, the best beaches for families, the best beaches

Where are the Azores?

Trying to figure out where are the Azores? Don’t worry because many travelers aren’t sure either and we’re here to help! This remote archipelago of 9 islands and 8 formigas (Portuguese islets) lies in the North Atlantic Ocean about 1500km (930 miles) due west of Lisbon, Portugal and 3380km (2100 miles) east of Washington D.C.

8 Must-See Azores Hot Springs

The beautiful Portuguese Azores Islands are full of character, outstanding natural scenery and maritime history. Their remote location, far out in the Atlantic Ocean, puts them off the regular tourist track and allows them to retain their character and traditional way of life.