These are Lucy’s tips from her trip to Cuba where she spent 2 days in Vinales, 2 days in Trinidad, 1 day in Cienfuegos and 3 days in Havana. Lucy’s visited with her husband to experience the culture, history, UNESCO sites, nature and enjoy the food and drinks. Each night at an AirB&B rental cost about $25 and Lucy spent about $10 for each meal entree.

Any hotels, restaurants or activities especially awesome?

We actually stayed in AirB&Bs the entire time, which are very affordable in Cuba.

For food and drinks with dancing, we enjoyed El Cimarron in Havana. For cocktails a la Ernest Hemingway and check out El Floridita.

Dislikes/things you would have done differently? 
Time of year- it was really humid/hot when we went late may/early June.

Any other tips?
If you are American, bring enough cash. We didn’t do our research and underestimated certain expenses because lodging was so cheap. You cannot use a credit card or the ATMs due to trade limitations. Take advantage of shared taxis- for only a couple dollars per person more than the public buses, you can arrange for door to door service between cities. And BRING SUNSCREEN – we could not find it for sale ANYWHERE.

If you had one more day? One less day? 
I feel satisfied with the amount of time we had for those 4 cities and that part of the country. I wouldn’t spend just one more day in the country, if I were to extend, I’d do it by more days and get in the eastern part of the country.

You can read more about Lucy’s adventures in Cuba here

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