About Us Katy and Lids

We are Katy and Lids – two friends who met in law school and connected over our love for travel and adventure. Katy had just returned from exploring South America and Lids from diving Palau. We knew we’d get on well when we hatched a plan to flee the Boston winter to drink BBCs and scuba dive in St. John. We then graduated, moved to big cities and worked at big firms, but we never stopped seeking out adventures.

In planning our travels, we always reached out to friends for recommendations. Ideally we would find someone who had already spent hours researching the trip and could send notes about what they did, what they loved and what they would have done differently. We wished there was a website that collected these high quality itineraries. We finally stopped wishing and built Travel Honey – a website that collects detailed travel itineraries from hand-picked, savvy travelers. We understand what it means to have no time to plan a trip but still want an awesome experience.  So why not learn from someone who has already done the work?

We also understand that some travelers want to make sure they visit all the must sees while others seek out the hidden gems.  So to make things even easier, we have “first time” and “next time” itineraries for each location.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at support@travelhoney.com.  We would love your feedback!

Making travel sweeter,

Katy & Lids