It’s summer and you’re heading to Spain but are unsure which Balearic island to visit: Ibiza or Mallorca. Both islands have turquoise waters, secret coves and stunning beaches. Both have incredible food: Iberico ham, Spanish cheeses, Padron peppers, suckling pig, heaps of paella and glorious wine. Both have gorgeous nature and a warm Mediterranean climate.

Azores Luxury: Best Hotels, Restaurants & Activities

The Azores are 9 volcanic islands located a thousand miles off the coast of Portugal with lush mountains, bubbling hot springs and rugged vistas. The islands are best known as Portugal’s eco-paradise and a haven for outdoors enthusiasts, but with the opening of several cool hotels, trendy restaurants and activities companies stepping up their game,


These are Megan’s tips for her week and half long trip in the fall to Lucerne and Lugano in Switzerland then onto Menaggio and Santa Margherita in Lake Como and finishing in Tuscany.  She and her husband are in their 30s and from Chicago.  Their goals were to relax and eat good food.

April Fools!

Just kidding – it’s April Fools! So we’re sticking to itineraries for humans . . . at least for now.  


These are Carolina’s tips for a 3-day visit to Reykjavik and the Golden Circle in February.  They ate, slept and toured well (think helicopter champagne tour!).


A We are Katy and Lids – two friends who met in law school and connected over our love for travel and adventure. Katy had just returned from exploring South America and Lids from diving Palau. We knew we’d get on well when we hatched a plan to flee the Boston winter to drink BBCs


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