1. THE BASICS. High-level destination guides. So far, we’ve got France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

2. THE DETAILS. Super detailed day-by-day trip itineraries with interactive maps from expert travelers. Get itineraries and maps for France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The UK. We also have “first time” and “next time” itineraries and maps for each country.

3. THE TAKEAWAYS. Short reviews and tips from locals and visitors.



We offer more details and logistics than you’ll find anywhere else.

You’ll know who is providing the itinerary, review or tip.  Shouldn’t you know someone’s travel style before you decide whether to listen to their advice?

The Travel Honey Bear!!


I don’t want to follow a set schedule, so why should I download a Travel Honey Itinerary?

The itineraries are meant to recommend how to organize each day, but you can adapt the plan to fit your needs.  Or just use the Travel Honey Map to decide where to go next.

What does the Travel Honey team do?  

We find savvy travelers and have them fill out a detailed form about their trip including what they would have done it differently.  We add details like addresses and hours. We also add helpful information and alternatives that we’ve collected from our trips or trips from other contributors.  So you benefit from it all!  We then put the information into an easy to read PDF and an interactive map that you can use on your trip.

We also understand that some travelers want to make sure they visit all the must sees while others seek out the hidden gems.  So to make things even easier, we have “first time” and “next time” itineraries for each location.

Can I save the PDF to my phone?

Yes! Download it like any other PDF (e.g. to iBooks on an iPhone).

How do I make the live links in the itinerary PDF open into a new tab?

You must download the PDF so that it opens as a separate standalone PDF (don’t open it in your browser).  When it’s a standalone PDF, the live links will open as a new tab in your browser.

How do I see information for each marker on the map?

On your computer, you can see the information by clicking any marker in the map or legend.  On your phone, click any marker then click the name of the marker at the bottom of your screen.

Can I save the map?

Yes! Just sign into Google Maps on your computer or the Google Maps app on your phone when you open the map.  You can later access the map on your computer by going to Google Maps and on your phone through the Google Map App. On either your phone or computer, go to Menu >Your places >MAPS.  Get the Google Map App for your iPhone or Android

Can I get directions to the markers on the map?

Yes, just open any marker then click the route icon when you’re online.

Do I need internet to access the map?

Yes.  But it’s cheap and easy to get internet abroad.  Learn how in the Travel Honey Ultimate Guide to Using Your Cell Phone Abroad

Can I customize the map?

At this time, you cannot change markers in the Travel Honey Map, but you can star your own locations.  On your phone, click on any non-Travel Honey icon.  Then click on the name of the icon at the bottom the screen and click SAVE.