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Pico Island Azores: Itinerary, Map & Guide


What’s the trip? 5 days in Pico, Azores, Portugal. Check out the TRIP PHOTO GALLERY.

What’s the product? You’ll receive an in depth 5-day Pico Itinerary, which includes insider tips (what to pack, what to book ahead, what to eat etc.). You’ll also receive an interactive Google map with GPS coordinates for every hike. View a SAMPLE ITINERARY page and MAP SCREEN SHOT.

Why the fee? Almost all materials, maps and guides on our website are free. We only charge for the Azores because these are super detailed materials that we’ve spent months researching, vetting and preparing…and how else are we going to pay rent? 🙂 Also, don’t worry, we offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t love our guides (simply email us).



Summary of the Pico Island Azores Itinerary – Click button above to download itinerary & map!

Here’s a preview of the 5 days on Pico Island Azores:

What to do on Pico Island Azores – Day 1

Before you get started, check out our tips for using this itinerary and our Insider Tips for Pico. There are not many direct flights to Pico, so you’ll likely arrive in the afternoon. We’ve made Day 1 your first full day in Pico. Assuming that you’ll be a little jet lagged, Day 1 is a more low key day. There’s a flat hike/walk in the morning, lunch in Madelena, the option to see a wine museum, and do a wine tasting. We’ve also included a couple nearby natural swimming areas if the weather is good.  There is only one small beach on the Island (which is included on Day 2), so opportunities for swimming are in natural ocean swimming holes or manmade swimming pools that are built into the ocean and filled with sea water. If everyone is feeling up for it, you can save the low key day and jump to another day. 🐾 Day 1 Transport:  The Vinhas da Cricao Velha hike is an 8 minute drive south of Madalena and the restaurants listed and the nearby Picowines Cooperative. It’s about 1.5 miles from the restaurants to the Wine Museum  and another 20 minute drive to the Centro de Interpretacao da Paisagem.

What to do on Pico Island Azores – Day 2

Today you’ll venture into the center of the island where  there is often fog, so we suggest doing this day whenever it’s clear. There are two hike options.  You can do a hike from the center of the island to the coast.  Or if you prefer a coastal route, then head to the Prainha do Norte hike. The lunch suggestions are near the end of the hikes, so if you get started late, you might want to do the lake(s) on the way back. We suggest driving through the center of the island, we’ve included a couple viewpoints that you can either visit them on the way to/from Prainha. 🐾  Day 2 Transport:  It’s a 30 minute drive from the house to Lagoa do Capitao,  and another 15 minutes to Lagoa do Caiado and 30 minutes to the start of the Prainha do Norte hike. It’s about 25 minutes from Lagoa do Capitao to the Prainha do Norte hike if you skip Lagoa do Caiado. It’s another 5 minutes from the hike to the recommended restaurant.  It’s then another 35 minutes home.

What to do on Pico Island Azores – Day 3

Day 3 is spent south of Madalena and then along the southern coast.  We’ve included a visit to Mt. Pico visitor center (see thoughts on hiking Mt. Pico below), which isn’t a must but nice if you have time – it adds about 30 minutes of driving to the day. As we’ve noted, you can also do the cave/Mt. Pico in the morning and the hike in the afternoon. 🐾  Day 3 Transport:  The Misterios do Sul Hike is about 30 minutes from Madalena.  If you drive, it’s about 10 minutes between lunch and the start of the hike.  It’s about 30 minutes to Mt. Pico and another 25 to the Grutas das Torres cave and 10 minutes from the cave back to Madalena.

What to do on Pico Island Azores – Day 4

You’ll visit the eastern part of the island and there’s two hiking options.  Calheta do Nesquim hike is on the southeast  and near Bar da Poca and the nearby pools.  The Porto Calhau – Mantenha hike is on the east coast. Rather than divide the day by morning and afternoon, we’ve ordered everything as if you’re coming from Madalena and included the times in Day 4 transport.  We suggest looking at the map and deciding what you want to do and in what order. 🐾 Day 4 Transport:   The Whaler’s Museum is about 35 minutes from Madalena.  The Calheta do Nesquim hike, the POca das Mujas pools and Bar da Poca are another 10-15 minutes towards the east. Ponta da Ilha is another 10 minutes and the start of the Porto Calhau hike is another 10 minutes. It’s about an hour back from the end of the Porto Calhau hike to Madalena.

What to do on Pico Island Azores – Day 5

You’ll visit Sao Roque do Pico and the northeast part of the island. We’ve suggested an easy-ish circular hike that starts and finishes in Sao Roque. If you want something more challenging, check out the Travel Honey map for more hike options.  We’ve listed a great lunch option and Casa Ancora, which is also listed as a dinner option – but is super tasty, so you may want to go back!  🐾 Day 5 Transport:   The Mountain House on Mount Pico is about a 30 minute drive from the house.  The start of horseback riding is about 45 minutes from the house and Sao Roque do Pico is about 30 from there, it’s 20 minutes from Sao Roque do Pico back to the house.

The itinerary also contains a handy guide for Pico with information on pre-travel advice, apps to download, thoughts on weather, what to pack, taxis, hiking tips, emergency info, local foods and spending tips!