5 Day Madeira Itinerary – Hiking, Eating and Relaxing


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This Madeira itinerary is for a 5 Day adventure full of hiking, spectacular scenery, and amazing meals. Katy, the Travel Honey Contributor, spent five days on the Portuguese island of Madeira: two nights in Funchal, the capital, and two nights in Ponta do Sol.  The focus of this trip was to take advantage of Madeira’s amazing hiking trails, eat really good local food, and chill.  This Madeira itinerary includes all the Madeira highlights including the must-sees in Funchal, Pico do Arieiro, Valley of the Nuns, Porto Moniz pools and Cabo Girão.  It also includes some off-the-beaten track hikes and restaurants.  This Madeira itinerary is on-the-go in that there is an activity or two every day, but you can choose to skip some of the activities and relax at the spa.

Why Visit Madeira Island in Portugal?

Katy chose Madeira she was already visiting mainland Portugal and wanted to add something a little more exotic.  They had thought about the Azores but chose Madeira, mainly because the weather was warmer.

Here’s a preview of each day of Katy’s Madeira Itinerary

Madeira Itinerary – Day 1

Get yourself acquainted with Funchal by wandering the streets and head to a tasty dinner.   🐾 Day 1 Transport: Rental car to Funchal then walk around Funchal and to dinner.

Madeira Itinerary – Day 2

Head to the northeast of the island for a beautiful 2.5 hour hike along the coast and eat lunch nearby.  Relax in the afternoon and have drinks with a view, and then have a tasty dinner in a cozy restaurant.   🐾 Day 2 Transport: Lourenço Point hike is a 35 minute drive in the rental car from Funchal, and Caniçal is about 10 minutes from Lourenço Point on the way back from Funchal. Everything else is walkable in Funchal and to dinner.

Madeira Itinerary – Day 3

Wake up early to beat the crowds at Pico do Arieiro and do a little hiking if you’re up for it.  Then head to Valley of the Nuns, followed by Ponta do Sol for a late lunch and relaxing.  🐾  Day 3 Transport: Pico do Arieiro is about a 40 minute drive in the rental car from Funchal up a steep hill.  The viewpoint above Valley of the Nuns is another 30 minutes past Pico do Arieiro, and it’s a 40 minute drive after that to Ponta do Sol.

Madeira Itinerary – Day 4

Go on a nearby hike in the morning, then head to the Porto Moniz pools on the northwest coast.   🐾  Day 4 Transport: It’s about a 30 minutes on VE4 to the north coast of the island from Ponta do Sol, then another 20 minutes west to Porto Moniz.  If you drive along the coast it’s about an hour and fifteen minutes back to Ponta do Sol (45 minutes if you drive back the way you came).

Madeira Itinerary – Day 5

Head back to Funchal stopping at Cabo Girão and Câmara de Lobos.   🐾  Day 5 Transport: Cabo Girão is about a 20 minute drive from Ponta do Sol.  Câmara de Lobos is about 20 minutes from Cabo Girão and about 20 minutes from Funchal (30 minutes from the airport).

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