NEXT TIME: GERMANY OFF THE BEATEN PATH | Munich Itinerary and Interactive Map

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What’s the trip? This itinerary and map is perfect for your RETURN TRIP, covering off the beaten path Germany sights and activities. Check out the TRIP PHOTO GALLERY.

What’s the product? Travel Honey finds savvy travelers and shares their trip advice through PDF itineraries and interactive maps.

Who’s the guide? Our savvy traveler, ASHLEY.

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What’s the trip? Off the beaten path Germany!

This itinerary and map is perfect for anyone’s return trip to see the country’s hidden gems. The itinerary guides travelers through off the beaten path Germany sights, eats and activities by visiting Munich. Ashley (the amazing Travel Honey Contributor) and her travel companions spent 1 day at Oktoberfest and 4 days visiting the rest of the city. You’ll get all the insider tips, because Ashley has visited Munich three times and has attended Oktoberfest on two of her most recent trips.