Travelers 💙 Travel Honey. Here’s why.

✏️Travel Honey was super helpful in planning our days in the Azores. The interactive map helped us route our day trips, and the extremely detailed itinerary also provided options on what to do depending on the weather. The food recommendations were also on point. I definitely plan on using again to get the most out of my next trip! –Deven from New York, NY

✏️The itinerary and guide to Sao Miguel were so helpful! We planned our trip exclusively by relying on Travel Honey’s recommendations – the hotel and restaurant recommendations were particularly helpful. And they provided insider insights into how to best view all the natural beauty on the island. –Sue and Mark from Boston, MA

✏️The San Miguel travel guide and itinerary was the only resource we used the whole vacation. We didn’t need to buy any other books or even lookup things online. Travel Honey advice was always spot on! The best hike we did was a recommendation from Travel Honey! The authors of the guide have done almost every hike themselves so I always felt confident their difficulty grade and ratings of the views were accurate. The guide is written by people who love the island and want you to love the island too. It’s objective and not focused on sending business to specific places – just helping you make the most of your vacation. Some of our favorite features in the guide were the interactive map you can access on your phone, the weather tips, and the restaurant recommendations. It’s an island that feels like it’s on the edge of blowing up as a tourist hotspot but isn’t quite there yet – so having an insider’s guide goes a long way. –Rachel and Nick from Boston, MA

✏️The travel guides for São Miguel were terrific, especially the itinerary.  They were easy to follow and allowed us great variety and options.  We were able to do minimal planning ahead of time but still felt like we didn’t miss anything. In fact, using the itineraries linked to Google Maps allowed us to add activities we otherwise would have missed because we could make decisions in the moment based on our location and available time. This is the future of travel.  The depth of the itineraries was impressive, as we even found the restaurant recommendations to be excellent. We skipped the touristy places and had a more authentic experience. We also appreciated Travel Honey connecting us with the rental car agency. They met us at the airport, easing the stress of arriving in a foreign country for the first time and not speaking the native language. We’re already planning our next trip.  –Tom and Leslie from Boston, MA

✏️Highly Recommend! Travel Honey was super useful for my recent trip to the Azores. They do all the heavy lifting for you, yet still allow for flexibility and spontaneity on your trip. I was able to take their itineraries for the different islands and get a sense of what to expect before I arrived. The food options, lodging and activity recommendations were excellent and matched my travel style. It’s a compact guide with everything you’ll need to know for a great trip. Once you’re there, Travel Honey’s interactive guides made it super simple to navigate by car or foot (even on hikes!). Usually when I travel, I have to piecemeal different travel sites. But Travel Honey has made it so I can find everything I need to know in one place. Truly an amazing service! –Cody from Boston, MA

✏️We absolutely loved Sao Miguel for our week-long honeymoon, and Travel Honey’s guide was perfect. We hardly planned anything before arriving, but with the guides, we didn’t need to. The Travel Honey suggestions got us off-the-beaten-path – so we experienced some seemingly-undiscovered gems – and also sent us to some must-see spots. It was the perfect blend of nature, relaxation, beach, amazing views, and exploring old world city and architecture. We can’t wait to explore the other islands using Travel Honey’s guides!  –Anna and Ben from New Orleans, LA

✏️Thank you to Travel Honey for helping us discover the gem that is Sao Miguel Island! From the minute we connected with the rental car company to our last dinner in Ponta Delgada, we relied solely on your itinerary to get around and were never led astray. Your recommendations on where to hike, eat and explore were spot on. We also appreciate your help with packing and how to navigate the weather. Two really important factors we would’ve gotten wrong without your help. To anyone considering Travel Honey, I cannot recommend them highly enough! –Sarah and friends from VT

We also provide awesome guides, maps and itineraries for Europe! 

✏️Travel Honey is awesome! The itinerary has everything you need for your trip. Information you don’t even think of. It is very easy to use and well organized. I used the Google Map during my trip to Iceland and it was so helpful! –Maura from Boston, MA

✏️I found the Travel Honey map super useful. It helped me visualize where everything was and helped us prioritize what we wanted to do. I would definitely use Travel Honey again for future trips! –Sarah from Boston, MA

✏️The Travel Honey map helped my wife and I navigate Lisbon with it’s helpful Google Map overlay. TravelHoney’s map directed us to a gorgeous rooftop bar that was already on one of our routes that gave us amazing views of the city, while relaxing with an awesome cocktail. Great service!  –Daniel from Boston, MA

✏️Love it. Wouldn’t have been the same trip to Portugal without the amazing itinerary.  –Slava from Boston, MA

✏️Travel Honey was great for our trip to Portugal! The map was awesome and we would highly recommend it for anyone travelling to Europe. It was our go-to resource that we used for seeing all the key sites and landmarks. We also went to a bunch of restaurants that Travel Honey had recommended in Porto – la sandeira, DOP, tapabento, Yeatman to name a few. All were great experiences and very spot on to the provided descriptions. Overall a great resource and platform for travelers looking for memorable and unique experiences! –Krista and Jamie from Boston, MA