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 Jamie & Krista from Boston, MA 

Travel Honey was great for our trip to Portugal! The map was awesome and we would highly recommend it for anyone travelling to Europe. It was our go-to resource that we used for seeing all the key sites and landmarks. We also went to a bunch of restaurants that Travel Honey had recommended in Porto – La sandeira, DOP, Tapabento, Yeatman to name a few. All were great experiences and very spot on to the provided descriptions. Overall a great resource and platform for travelers looking for memorable and unique experiences!


 Slava H. from Boston, MA 

Love it. Wouldn’t have been the same trip to Portugal without the amazing itinerary.


 Amy S. from Boston, MA 

The maps are amazing and the itinerary recs were awesome. I used TH in Lisbon and the Azores. In addition to helpful tips like how to unlock my phone for international use, having the itinerary plotted on Google Maps made getting from one place to the next a breeze. TH focuses on places that are a little “off the beaten path” which made for a wonderful, authentic experience. Will definitely use Travel honey again!


 Sarah S. from New York, NY

I found the Travel Honey map super useful. It helped me visualize where everything was and helped us prioritize what we wanted to do. I would definitely use Travel Honey again for future trips!


 Lindsay F. from Boston, MA

I used the Travel Honey itinerary for the Azores and it was spot on. I used many of the recommendations and it was great to have all the information I needed in one place. I’ll surely be using your other itineraries for future travels! Thank you Travel Honey!


 Debbie M. from San Francisco, CA

My husband and I are so excited to go to Portugal now. We knew that Travel Honey covered the location, so when it came to planning our itinerary, they were our first stop. We downloaded a number of itineraries and weighed the options. We can’t wait to explore and enjoy our trip in person now! Thanks so much! 


 Maura B. from Chicago, IL

Travel Honey is awesome! The itinerary has everything you need for your trip. Information you don’t even think of. It is very easy to use and well organized. I used the Google Map during my trip to Iceland and it was so helpful!


 Dan W. from Boston, MA

The Travel Honey map helped my wife and I navigate Lisbon with it’s helpful Google Map overlay. Travel Honey’s map directed us to a gorgeous rooftop bar that was already on one of our routes that gave us amazing views of the city, while relaxing with an awesome cocktail. Great service!