Heading to the Alps and deciding between Verbier and Zermatt?  We’ll help you decide which village to visit on your trip in this Travel Honey Tiebreaker.

What could be better than clean mountain air, fresh powder and cheese fondue? Doing it in style and knowing that you’re seeing the best Switzerland has to offer. We’ll also cover Gstaad and St. Moritz in a future post.


Verbier is a quaint village located 1,500 meters above sea level with a ski area that stretches up to Mont Fort at 3,330 meters. The village is part of the Four Valleys ski area and is well known for off-piste runs like Stairway to Heaven and Rocky Garden. The village can be reached in two hours by car and three hours by rail from the Geneva airport.

Zermatt is located 1,620 meters above sea level and the ski area summits at 3,885 meters. Zermatt is home to the iconic Matterhorn mountain and has a huge ski area, offering something for everyone – gentle slopes for beginners and avalanche controlled runs for the seasoned skier. The village may be reached by rail from Geneva airport in three and a half hours.

Hi, I’m Lids. I’m a U.S. ex-pat in my early thirties. I have lived in London for four years and work in the creative industry. During this time, I have skied many places in Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland over weekends and holidays from work. Outside of skiing, I love to sail, feast in San Sebastian and paint.

Having skied both Zermatt and Verbier recently, I can say that both places are awesome, but there are a few differences. Mainly…

If you are looking for stylish apres ski and nightlife, choose Verbier. Verbier is home to Le Rouge, Farm Club and the Farinet Lounge. Places filled with jetsetters and good times. Verbier is also home to the W Hotel where the party does not stop.

If you are looking for a foodie experience, head to Zermatt. Truffles and Michelin stars abound with restaurant like The Omnia and dining at the Cervo. For the best mountain-side food, eat at Zum See.

Skiing is phenomenal in both places, but if you’re keen on a day of heliskiing, pick Zermatt which has great views and several heli operators.

If having a car important, choose Verbier as Zermatt is a car-free village.

Zermatt has incredible spas at both the Firefly Hotel and The Omnia, so if you’re keen on toasty hot tubs and saunas, choose Zermatt.

Both Verbier and Zermatt are two of my favourite ski locations in Europe and offer something for every person, so this is a difficult tiebreak. If the plan is to consume a good amount of drinks, head to Verbier for the scene, but if you’re feeling slightly more mellow or want to relax, make way for Zermatt.

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