The Azores weather in September is pretty similar to the summer months, but you will avoid much of the summer crowds. You’ll miss out on most of the Azores festivals in September, but get a more low key vibe. You’ll also catch the tail end of the glorious hydrangeas in the Azores and you can still see the whale species that migrate through the Azores in the summer.

Read on to learn more about what to expect for Azores September weather and other helpful information, like accommodation rates, how busy it is, what flowers are growing in September and if there are any festivals or public holidays. And if you’re still trying to decide the best time to visit the Azores, checkout our Ultimate Azores Weather Guide and our month-to-month comparison that covers Azores weather, accommodation price, number of visitors, flowers blooming, whale sightings and Azores festivals and holidays.


Azores Weather in September

The average high temperature on September 1 is 75°F and the average low is 63°F. On September 30, it’s 73°F and the low is 62°F.  So, you will likely still get some good days to hit some of the amazing Azores beaches.

You’ll typically have a little more precipitation than in July and August with an average of 3.3 inches of rain and 13 days of precipitation. Compare that to 3.2 inches of rain and 10 days of precipitation in Boston in September. The average humidity in the Azores in September is 79%. As a point of reference, Boston has on average 3.2 inches of rain and 10 days of precipitation in Boston and 70% humidity September.

As is true with any other month in the Azores, you can still have 4 seasons in one day, but because of the temperate climate, their “winter” is significantly different. The warmest Azores temperatures are typically in the high 70s°F and lowest temps are in the 50s°F. Also, the high humidity can make any sunny day feel 10 degrees warmer, so a 75°F sunny and humid day in September can feel more like 85°F. That’s a long way of saying, be prepared for all types of weather whenever you visit the Azores, you’re likely to see it all. Head here for more on Azores weather and what are the best weather websites and apps for the Azores.

The ocean is usually the warmest temperature in September with an average temperature of 75°F.


What to Pack for Azores Weather in September

You typically still have hot days in the Azores in September, so you should pack mostly shorts/short sleeves for the daytime, especially at the beginning of the month. You can also wear shorts/dresses at night, but bring a long sleeve. You can still usually be comfortable wearing jeans at night because it’s cooler without the sun. You should also consider packing at least a pair of pants for during the day. Because of the high humidity, a drop of 10 degrees and clouds can make the temperature feel significantly cooler. If you have warm weather it may be too hot for the hot springs, but you’ll definitely want your bathing suit and sandals for the beach.

Sunrise/Sunset Times in the Azores in September

You still have a lot of light in September in the Azores to enjoy the nice weather, the sun rises at about 6:15-7:40am and sets at around 8:15-7:30pm.


Azores Crowds and Accommodation Rates in September

Although the number of visitors to the Azores drops off, it is still typically the third busiest month in the Azores, because the weather in September is comparable to the summer months. The average nightly rate for a one bedroom Airbnb in September 2019 was €76.

Whale and Dolphin Sightings in September

In September, the whales and dolphins that typically come to the Azores during the summer are starting to continue their migration away from the Azores (pilot whale, striped dolphin and Atlantic spotted dolphin), but you still may have sightings. You’ll still also be able to see the year-round species: common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and sperm whale.

Flowers Blooming in the Azores in September

With the warm weather in September in the Azores, you’ll catch the tail end of hydrangea season, but you’ll also begin to see the more understated Belladonna Lily (also called naked ladies). You can also visit some of the great botanical gardens in the Azores if you want to see more flowers.

Azorean Festivals and Public Holidays in September

The festivals typically slow down in September in the Azores and there are no public holidays.