Azores weather in November is as wet but slightly warmer than the winter months. Similar to the winter months, you can also get a good deal on accommodations. So the Azores is a great spot to sneak away for Thanksgiving vacation.

Read on to learn more about what to expect for Azores weather in November weather and other helpful information, like what to do, accommodation rates, how busy it is, what flowers are growing in September and festivals and/or public holidays. If you want to learn more about Azores weather during the other months, don’t miss the Ultimate Azores Weather Guide and a detailed month-to-month comparison.

Azores-Sao-Miguel-Green-Overcast-in November
November is one of the wettest months, but it's a great time to take in the many shades of green in the Azores

Azores Weather in November

November is often one of the rainiest months in the Azores, with an average of 5.2 inches of rain and 17 days of precipitation. The average humidity in the Azores in September is 79%. Compare that to 1.9 inches of rain, 11 days of precipitation and 65% humidity in Boston in November.

It’s usually a little warmer than the winter, though. November has an average high temperature of 64°F compared to 61°F in the winter months. The average low in November is 55°F compared to 50-52°F. The ocean is typically about 68°F, compared to 63°F in the winter.

It’s unlikely that you’ll get a beach day in November in the Azores.But as we explain in our Ultimate Guide to Azores Weather, you can often have 4 seasons in day. Luckily the lowest temperature ever recorded in Ponta Delgada (the largest city the Azores) was only 39°F.

What to Pack for Azores Weather in November

Similar to the winter and early spring, you should bring a few short sleeves to layer and and throw in a pair of shorts if you run hot. But we recommend mostly packing pants and long sleeves if you visit the Azores in November. Also, don’t forget to pack a light jacket and rain coast for outwear.

The ocean is warmer than the winter and spring, so if bring you swim suit and sandals in case you want to take a dip. You’ll also use the swimsuit and sandals for the hot springs.

Sunrise/Sunset Times in the Azores in November

As elsewhere in the northern hemisphere, the days in the Azores are getting shorter. But the days are still longer than in the northeast U.S. in November. The sun rises between 7:10am-7:40am and sets at around 5:45pm-5:30pm.

What do in the Azores in November

Because November can be rainy, we recommend choosing a hike in the first, like Quatro fábricas da Luz – PR39SMI. A 2.1km/1.3 linear hike in Agua de Alto that takes you near an abandoned hydroelectric power plants from the early 1900s. Check out our Regional Guide for more rainy day hike options

Quatro fábricas da Luz hike is great for a rainy day in November

Azores Crowds and Accommodation Rates in November

There are fewer visitors to the Azores in November than October. But November is still busier than the winter months. The average nightly rate for a one bedroom Airbnb was €64 in November 2019.

Whale and Dolphin Sightings in November

In November (like in October and December), you’ll may see the Atlantic spotted dolphin and the year-round species: common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and sperm whale.

Flowers Blooming in the Azores in November

In the Azores in November, there are mostly lush greens. But you’ll notice the colorful red hot pokers and birds of paradise along the roadsides