Azores weather in October is a mixed bag. You may still get some beach days, but the temperatures are cooling. You will likely also have some great days for enjoying hot springs.

Read on for what to expect for Azores October weather and other helpful information. Know what Learn about October’s: accommodation rates, how busy it is, what to do, what flowers are blooming, and if there are any festivals or public holidays.

This post mostly discusses Sao Miguel, the biggest and most populated island in the Azores, but much of the information applies to the other islands. If you’re still not sure which island to visit, check out which is the best Azores island for you!

You can still get a beach day in October in the Azores!

Azores Weather in October

October’s temperatures are most similar to June, but there’s typically a bit more precipitation in October. The average high temperature in October in the Azores is 70°F and the average low is 59°F. Looking at the entire year, the average high temperatures in the Azores are between the low 60s°F and high 70s°F. So October’s temperatures are right in the middle and you can easily get all four seasons when you visit. That’s because the high humidity (on average 80% in October) can make a sunny day feel about 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature and make a cold windy day feel colder than what’s on the thermometer.

It rains on average 4.5 inches in October and there on average 16 days of precipitation. The ocean starts to cool down to an average of 72°F.  As a point of reference, Boston has on average 3.2 inches of rain and 10 days of precipitation in Boston and 70% humidity September.

If you’re still hungry for more info on Azores weather, head here.

What to Pack for Azores Weather in October

Because Azores weather in October can vary a lot, you’ll want to bring a mix of long sleeves and short sleeves for both the upper and lower body. Jeans and layers on top is usually sufficient for at night.  A light jacket and rain coat are also a must if you visit the Azores in October.

As we noted above, the high humidity makes it more likely that you’ll get a beach day if it’s sunny. So bring a swimsuit and sandals and know the right Azores beach for you. If you don’t end up getting a beach day, you can use the swimsuit and sandals for the hot springs. There’s iron in the hot springs though, so bring a suit you don’t mind getting stained.


Sunrise/Sunset Times in the Azores in October

In October in the Azores, the sun rises at about 7:40am-7:10am and sets at around 7:30-7pm. There is daylight savings time at the end of October. But the time change occurs couple weeks after the United States. So there will be a 5 hour time difference (instead of the usual 4 hour difference) between the U.S. and the Azores for a bit.

Azores Crowds and Accommodation Rates in October

The number of visitors to the Azores is less in October compared to September. About 8.6% of the total visitors arriving in the Azores come in October. The average nightly rate for a one bedroom Airbnb  was €65 in October 2019.

What to do in the Azores in October

October is a great time to do something wine related in the Azores. On Sao Miguel, check out Quinta da Jardinete. Or on Pico Island, head to the wine museum.

Flowers Blooming in the Azores in October

By October, most of the hydrangeas have passed, and the landscape is mostly a lush green. You can still see naked ladies and red hot pokers starting to bloom along the road.

Quinta da Jardinete winery on Sao Miguel island

Whales and Dolphins in October in the Azores

Other than the Atlantic spotted dolphin, which usually stays through December, you’ll typically only see the year-round whales and dolphins: common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and sperm whale.

Azorean Festivals and Public Holidays in October

Although Pico Island is best known for wine, Sao Miguel island typically hosts a wine festival in October.  The day Portugal became a republic (October 5) is a public holiday.