Azores weather in February is cool compared to the spring and summer months. But the Azores temperate climate is still a welcome respite if you’re coming from somewhere cold, like the northeast U.S.

In this post you’ll learn more about what to expect for Azores weather in February and other helpful information, like accommodation rates, where you’ll find a lot of other tourists, what flowers are growing in February, and if there are any festivals or public holidays. If you’re still deciding the best time to visit the Azores, checkout our month-to-month comparison.

Caldeira Vieira hot spring on Sao Miguel is a great place to visit in February

Azores Weather in February

Typically, the weather in February is slightly cooler than January. On average, there is a high of 61°F and the average low is 50°F. But there is slightly less rain on average in February, with 4.3 inches of rain and 17 days of precipitation. The average humidity in the Azores in February is 81%. The ocean temperature is also usually about the same as in January at 63°F. To give a comparison,Boston has on average 1.4 inches of rain and 10 days of precipitation in Boston and 60% humidity September.

What to do in the Azores in February

Because the weather is cooler in February, hot springs are a great activity.  Even though there’s more rain, it usually doesn’t rain all day long. There are also microclimates, so you can usually get out and hike every day. Even if it is a little rainy, try a hike in a forest for more cover.

Some other suggestions are Ceramica Vieira, a family-owned pottery factory on Sao Miguel Island. You can visit the studio and see artisans painting the pieces and buy the finished products in the store. Check out the Travel Honey Regional Guide for more rainy day options. The guide includes an umbrella symbol for activities that are good for a rainy day.


What to Pack for Azores Weather in February

Our advice for packing in February in the Azores is the same for all the winter months.  Leggings and light pants are great for during the day, especially for hiking. You’ll want layers on top. Start with a t-shirt or tank top, because If the sun is out, it can feel warmer than the actual temperature. Then layer a long sleeve shirt and a light puffy vest or jacket.  Especially at higher elevation where it’s more likely to be cloudy and windy, it can feel cooler than the actual temperature. For example, at Sete Cidades or Lagoa do Fogo on Sao Miguel. Also, don’t forget your rain jacket and bathing suit and sandals for the hot springs.

For the evenings, jeans, a long sleeve and light jacket are sufficient. Also, if you’re planning to attend Carnaval (see below), depending on the party, you may need to pack a tuxedo/formal dress or a costume.

Sunrise/Sunset Times in the Azores in February

You’ll get more light than in the winter in New England. On February 1, the sun will rise at 7:45am and set at 6:07pm.

Visiting Ceramica Vieira is a great thing to do on a rainy day

Azores Crowds and Accommodation rates in February

February is typically the third fewest overnight stays, just ahead of January and December. So February is still pretty empty. You typically don’t need to make restaurant reservations unless it’s Valentine’s Day! The accommodation rates even be a bit lower than January. The average nightly rate for a one bedroom Airbnb in 2019 was €51. So, although the Azores weather in February isn’t the best, you can get the best deals on accommodations.

Whale and Dolphin Sightings in February

Similar to January, if you go whale watching in the AzoresFebruary, you may see the common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and sperm whale. And like the other winter months, your trip is more likely to be cancelled due to rough sees and bad weather.

Flowers Blooming in the Azores in February

In February in the Azores, the landscape is mostly a lush green. You’ll begin to see the first dots of spring flowers. You may also see the first azaleas blooming. Azaleas peak in April and May.

White Calla lilies (which bloom all spring) can also be seen along with the red flowers of the large wild ginger stalks.

Azorean Public Holidays and Festivals in February

If Easter is early, Carnaval (Mardi Gras) will fall in February. If Easter is late, Carnaval will fall in March. There are celebrations on all the Azores islands. The biggest celebration is on São Miguel island with 4 nights of parties that begin the Friday before Ash Wednesday. So if you love parties, visit São Miguel is during Carnaval.

In mid-February, there are also “dia das amigas” (day of the girlfriends) when the restaurants and bars are full of women and “dia dos amigos” (day of the boyfriends) when the restaurants and bars are full of men.