The Travel Honey Foodie Guide: Lisbon has an amazing list of Lisbon’s tastiest eats for all price ranges, including Michelin Stars and the like, reasonably priced and dishes totally on point, and delish and won’t break the bank.  We’ve also included bakeries for those with a sweet tooth!  Don’t forget to download the interactive Google map that’s included with this guide, so you can see each spot in the Foodie Guide: Lisbon is on your computer or smartphone when you’re on your trip.



The Travel Honey Foodies Guide: Lisbon has Lisbon’s tastiest eats in all price ranges, from Michelin Stars to authentic hole-in-the-wall favorites. In addition to the Foodies Guide: Lisbon, make sure you check out the Travel Honey Lisbon Guides like Off the Beaten Path Lisbon and the Lisbon Active & Wellness Guide.  If you have any questions or comments, just email us at