7 Day Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary and Map


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This itinerary is for seven days in Porto, Lisbon and Evora and has a focus on culture and is for those who want to experience authentic Portugal. Sandra, the Travel Honey Contributor, went on a solo adventure for 2 days in Porto and 3 days in Evora.  Sandra lives in Lisbon, so the 3 day itinerary for Lisbon are her favorite things to do there.  Accommodation is in small, boutique hotels and the focus is on slow travel.  

Why Visit Evora, Lisbon and Porto?

Lisbon has been Sandra’s adoptive hometown for the last 20 years, so she adores to show her off. She had been curious about Porto for years but never been until getting invited to the Fantasporto Film Festival there. She went in early March and, despite what everyone told us, the weather was amazing! Évora is an underrated UNESCO World Heritage City it’s a must-see and close to Lisbon by car or by train.

Here’s a preview of what this Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary  from Sandra:

Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary  – Day 1

Arrive in Porto early in the morning and spend the day getting to know the the city. 🐾  Day 1 Transport: Everything in Porto is walking distance.

Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary  – Day 2

Explore Porto by the river and taste port wine.  🐾 Day 2 Transport: Everything is walking distance, then take a taxi or Uber to the train station, Estação da Campanhã, to Lisbon.

Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary  – Day 3

Explore the main sights of Lisbon by foot. 🐾  Day 3 Transport: Spend the day walking around Lisbon on foot or Uber/taxi if you get tired.

Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary  – Day 4

Spend another day exploring Lisbon. In the morning, visit Belém, then explore the Alfama and Mouraria areas after lunch.  🐾  Day 4 Transport: Everything is either walking distance or easily accessible via the trams/public transport.

Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary  – Day 5

Morning trip to the beautiful town of Sintra and back to downtown Lisbon in the afternoon.  🐾  Day 5 Transport: Take a one hour train ride from Lisbon to Sintra in the morning. Explore Sintra by foot, then take the hour-long train back to Lisbon where you can continue on foot.

Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary  – Day 6

Discover the Alentejo laid-back vibe of Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 🐾 Day 6 Transport: Take a 2 hour train ride from Lisbon to Evora. Once you arrive in Evora, rent a car for two days. Alternatively, rent a car in Lisbon and drive to Evora.

Evora, Lisbon and Porto Itinerary  – Day 7

Laidback day to explore the Adega da Cartuxa winery. Book a guided tour in advance and take things slow.  🐾  Day 7 Transport: You’ll use the rental car to get around during the day.

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