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What’s the trip? Portugal must sees!

This itinerary and map is perfect for anyone’s first trip to Portugal. The itinerary guides travelers through Portugal must sees, best eats and top activities in Lisbon and Sintra, ideal for anyone’s first trip to Portugal.


Portugal Must Sees – Day 1

We assume you’ll arrive in the morning. Get yourself checked in, grab lunch and spend the afternoon in Belem visiting Jerónimos Monastery, Belém Tower/Torre Belem and Padrão dos Descobrimentos. You’ll have time for a siesta before dinner (or take a nap before if you arrive on a redeye).

Portugal Must Sees – Day 2

Spend the day walking around the heart of Lisbon. The earlier you get started, the more you’ll see. Be prepared for hills and tired legs!

Portugal Must Sees – Day 3

Explore the Alfama neighborhood. The Alfama neighborhood is a lot quieter than Barria Alto but it’s full of historical sites and a great place to unwind. This day isn’t as packed, so enjoy the gorgeous views at the Alfama and the deck/pool if it’s nice weather.

Portugal Must Sees – Day 4

Head to the spectacular castles, palaces and mansions in Sintra. There’s a train into town, or we picked up our rental car in the morning and after stop in Cascais headed to Sintra, a unique village full of palaces and castles. We left the rental car place at about 10:15am, and we wished we’d left a little earlier to give us more time in Sintra.