Berlin Street Art

You’re deciding between Munich and Berlin or wondering if visiting both is worth the effort? Read on to learn which city is a better fit for you in this Travel Honey Tiebreaker.

Autumn is here, and you and a buddy are heading to Germany – hello bratwurst, lederhosen and beer! You are likely heading straight for Oktoberfest but are considering a detour to Berlin. Is it worth making the trip? How is one city different from the other?


Berlin is not only the capital but also the largest city in Germany with over 3 million residents. Berlin was once known for the wall that divided it, but it’s now a mecca for culture and creativity. Further south you will find Munich, a city surrounded by lakes and at the foothills of the Alps. The city is smaller than Berlin in terms of size and population but is well known for its beer and annual Oktoberfest celebration.


Hi, I’m Lids. I’m a U.S. ex-pat in my early thirties. I have lived in London for four years and work in the creative industry. During this time, I have spent many weekends visiting relatives and friends in Berlin and Munich. Outside of traveling, I like to spend my free time skiing, sailing, eating amazing food and painting.


I’ve been to Munich for Oktoberfest and visited Berlin to spend time with friends who work in the tech start up scene. Both cities are amazing places places to visit, but here is what makes them different:

If your idea of a good night out involves dancing to techno at legendary clubs, don’t miss Berlin with Berghain, Tresor and ://about blank. However, if you prefer outdoor beer gardens and German folk music, head for Hofbraeuhaus in Munich.

If you want to see a bit of nature during your trip, choose Munich as the city is a short drive away from beautiful mountains and lakes. If you’d rather not drive, put on your wetsuit and go surfing right in the middle of the city on the Eisbach stream.

If you’re keen on the tech start up scene, make way for Berlin with its shared workspaces, incubators and hipster coffee joints. Outside of Silicon Roundabout in London, this is Europe’s biggest tech scene.

Berlin is also Germany’s hub for film, art, design, publishing and fashion. So if you love the arts, come for Fashion Week or the Berlin International Film Festival.

If you’re pumped to eat pretzels, schweinshaxe or sauerkraut, come to Munich for the Viktualienmarkt food market. But if you prefer contemporary, cutting edge food, consider Berlin with places like the Cantina at Bar Tausend and Soho House.


Munich and Berlin are amazing and you should see both. But if this is not possible, then consider this – if you’re keen to experience an older and more traditional part of Germany head for Munich, but if you want to see a younger and trendier part of the country, Berlin may be the better bet.