Checkout Jo’s tips on hotels and where to eat and drink in Reykjavik and the South Coast of Iceland.  She and her husband are from New York City and wanted to be active, eat good food, see as much as possible.

Where do you live when you’re not traveling? New York City

Who went on the trip? Couple in their mid-thirties

What was the Trip? Reykjavik and the South Coast

What were your interests/goals on the trip? Be active, eat good food, see as much as possible.

Anything especially awesome? Hotel Rangá— it was charming and relaxed, the restaurant was wonderful. It exceeded our exceptions. Plus hot tubs outside of the rooms overlooking the river.

Anything you disliked or things you would have done differently?  

We stayed at Hotel Ion, which we’d heard great things about. It was somewhat out of the way, and our biggest splurge. It was gorgeous, but not sure we would have gone that far out of the way again.

I would have also tried to go on one more adventure — perhaps north of Reykjavik.

Eat the hotdogs. Honestly, the best hot dog I’ve ever had was at Baejarins Beztu Pylsur. The best bar in Reykjavik, in our opinion, BarAnanas. Super cool, kind of tiki vibe.

Average cost per night of one hotel room and cost of an average entree? 150/night. $30/entree.