Checkout Joe & Becky’s tips on where to stay and not to stay on the Amalfi Coast and tips for getting away from tourists.  They’re a couple from Boston in their mid-thirties and their goals were to relax, visit museums, & see the top sites.

Where do you live when you’re not traveling? Boston

Who went on the trip? Couple in their mid-thirties

What was the Trip? Rome (3 days), Naples (1 day), Ischia (3 days) in the late summer/early fall.

What were your interests/goals on the trip? Relax, museums, see top sites, and attend friend’s wedding

Anything especially awesome? Hotel Mezzatorre in Ischia. It was excellent!

Plan for an evening tour (Colosseum) and small group or private tour guide for major sites where you can.

Anything you disliked or things you would have done differently?  

You can probably avoid Naples including the Hotel Santa Brigida. Also avoid visiting popular tourist sites during midday (eg Pompeii, the Vatican, the Colosseum).

What would you do if you had one more day? If you had one less day?

Visit Capri for the day! If we had one less day, we would have skipped Naples.

Average cost per night of one hotel room and cost of an average entree? 3000/night. $25/entree.