These are Jake’s tips on where to eat from his frequent visits to Paris.  He’s from Brooklyn, in his early 40s and travels with his girlfriend.

Where do you live when you’re not traveling? Brooklyn.

Who went on the trip? We’re a couple in our early 40s.

What was the Trip? 2 weeks in Paris.

What were your interests/goals on the trip? I’m at the point now where I’ve seen all of the famous touristy stuff a few times, which is nice because you can relax about all that. I think this was my first trip to Paris where I didn’t go to either Sacre Coeur or the Eiffel Tower. Mainly we were into wandering around all day, getting off the beaten path, yes, and eating is definitely a big part as well.

Anything especially awesome? I highly recommend having dinner at Pierre Sang at 55 Rue Oberkampf. Eat at the bar and talk with the cooks if you can. I also really like Cafe Cannibale at 93 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud.

What would you do if you had one more day?  I’d like to go see Paris St. Germain, the soccer team, play.


Average cost per night of an entree? About $20-30