If you’re heading to Budapest, read this guide to know where to eat in Budapest!  Get first-hand reviews of tasty restaurants, from low-key local favorites to affordable Michelin stars and tips on what to actually eat in Budapest!

Budapest was formed by combining the hilly Buda and flat Pest bisected by the River Danube. Budapest is broken up into 23 districts, which are numbered and also named.  You’ll mostly find yourself in: District 1 (Castle District around Buda Castle on the Buda side); District V (along the River Danube on the Pest side); and District VI, District VII (Jewish Quarter), and District VIII (Palace Quarter), which are triangle shaped districts pointing towards the River.

Budapest is a popular weekend destination for Europeans all year round, so it’s best to make a reservation, especially for the smaller boutique hotels.  You’ll also find better deals if you visit mid-week.   We’ve listed some of our favorite Budapest restaurants and nightlife places (just keep in mind our pricing guide). Also get a list of tips for each meal (like most restaurants are closed on Sundays) and must try dishes at the end of this guide. Don’t forget, check out the Travel Honey Budapest itineraries, each come with an easy to ready and downloadable PDF version of this guide, along with guides to the best restaurants and hotels and a day-by-day guide to the best activities. An interactive Google map is also included with each itinerary with all the activities, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Best Places to Eat in Buda

In Buda, you’ll find quiet, historic neighborhoods and more traditional and sometimes more touristy restaurants.  There is also little to no nightlife.  It’s a great place to have lunch if you’re visiting Buda Castle or if you want a low-key night.

Csalogany 26 ($$)

21 Restaurant ($$)

Baltazar ($$)

Retesvar Bakery ($)

Ruszwurm Café ($)

Best Places to Eat in Pest

In Pest, you’ll find rowdy nightlife and lively restaurants. This is where all the action takes place. Options range from Michelin stars to hole-in-the-wall places with tasty, casual snacks.

Onyx ($$$$)

Costes Downtown ($$$$)

Mák Bistro ($$$)

M. Restaurant ($$)

Vintage Garden  ($$)

Zeller Bistro ($$)

Klassz Étterem és Borbolt ($$)

Bock Bisztró ($$)

Zoltán 18 ($$)

Hummus Bar ($)

Street Food Karavan Budapest  ($)

À Table  ($)

Eating and Drinking Tips for Budapest

Like a lot of European countries,  everything food and drink related happens later. So coffee shops don’t open until 8 or 9am (we found one open at 7am). Meals are also later, so if you want to eat with the locals, aim for at least 9pm.

A lot of restaurants are closed Sunday and/or Monday.

Few places have cups for take away coffee.

A lot of people smoke but most restaurants don’t allow smoking unless there’s an outdoor space.

Budapest is a popular place for UK stag parties, so you’ll likely come across a drunken group of Englishman on your trip.

Nightlife doesn’t get going until after 12am, so be prepared to stay up if you want to see the scene at night.

What to Eat & Drink in Budapest

Beef goulash (beef stew).

Paprika chicken.

Chimney Cake (Kürtöskalács): delicious sweet doughs wrapped in cone shape.

Langos: thick fried dough (Hungarians prefer savory toppings to sweet).

A drink at a ruin pub (more details here!).

You’re now equipped to know where to eat in Budapest and what to eat when you’re there! Don’t forget, check out the Travel Honey Budapest itineraries to see the restaurants on an interactive Google Map, reviews of the hotels, and a day-by-day guide to the best activities.