Colleen’s tips from her 4 day trip to Iceland in October with her brother and friend. They thought Iceland rocks and did as many activities as possible during their visit.

Who & what? This was a short trip. I went with my bro and bestie. We did Airbnb and stayed in the heart of town.

Any lodging, restaurants or activities especially awesome? Go to Blue Lagoon and check out Reykjavik. Then visit Vik, which has my favourite black sand beach with black fjords. Also, visit the Golden Circle to see the waterfalls and geysers. We did an off road vehicle that was nuts like a monster truck with tires bigger than us. It was fun but not a must. We also did a night tour to try to see Northern Lights – it was cool but we didn’t see the lights.

If you had one more/less day? If I had one more day, I would go across to the glaciers…they were a far drive, past Vik. If I had one less day, I would skip the off roading monster truck.

Any other tips?  It was October so warmth was key! Keep in mind there are good restaurants in Reykjavik but they are super pricey! And if you stay at a nice hotel, a concierge could help you book stuff.