Maura’s tips for her 5 day trip to Iceland in the summer with a friend. Their goal was to be active and experience the beauty of the country.

Who & what? I went with a 26 year old friend and it was the first time we both visited the country. I think we paid around $100 a night for our hotel.

Any lodging, restaurants or activities especially awesome?  We stayed at Icelandic Apartments in Kopavogur and they were really great. It was just built; similar to a hotel experience but not room service or cleaning service. We also used Auto Car Rental and they were really easy and helpful to use. The car was great almost new and there was no hidden fees.

Dislikes/things you would have done differently? Nothing I ran into that I disliked but it is a lot of driving so prepare for that.

If you had one more/one less day?  If I had one more day I would do a volcano or glacier activity. We did snowmobiling and it was awesome so I would do another activity like that. If I had one less day I would spend less time in the capital. You could do Reykjavik in half a day.