This is a Travel Honey tip for what to pack when you go to Iceland. If you’re heading for the first time, here is a great list for what to pack for Iceland all year round and what to expect for weather during the different seasons.

There’s more precipitation in the winter, including intense snow storms, but the temperatures vary surprisingly little. The average high in February is 36F and in July it’s 55F.  Despite raining less in the summer than in the winter, be prepared for cool and often wet weather.

What to Pack for Iceland:

► Leave your dresses at home. Reykjavik is casual; jeans and a decent pair of shoes/boots will do everywhere.

► Layers, lots of layers!  The temperature can vary at all times of the year, so it’s helpful to bring items of clothing that you can layer.

► Warm socks (multiple pairs in case they get wet) and comfortable walking shoes.

► If you plan to hike, bring hiking boots and waterproof pants.

Rain jacket.

Rain poncho if heavy rain is in the forecast.

►Hat and gloves (even in the summer if you plan to the Inside the Volcano tour).

Small backpack for hiking.

► A nice camera and tripod if you’re into photography and want to try to capture the northern lights.

► Sunglasses.

► Bathing suit for the hot springs.

► Waterproof smartphone case if you want to take photos in the Blue Lagoon or near any waterfalls.

► Car snacks (cheaper to bring then buy there).

► A road trip mix.

Car charger, especially if you plan to use to use yourphone for walking and driving directions.  Even if the rental car has a USB receptor, it’s always helpful to have  2 chargers.  Or buy an external battery charger, which are  really valuable when traveling.

Now you’ll know what to pack for Iceland, no matter what time of year you go! Want these and other awesome tips for your trip to Iceland?  Check out the Travel Honey Iceland Overview and these awesome itineraries/guides that include include things like, what to book ahead, tips for your arrival and departure, advice for renting a car and many other helpful tips!

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