These are Sam’s tips from her trip to Rome, Italy. Sam visited Rome to relax, have some alone time, eat good food and learn some history. Sam spent $450-500 on her lodging. The hotel was fabulous and highly recommended.  Sam also loved seeing the city on the back of a Vespa and learning about the Colosseum from PhDs.

Any hotels, restaurants or activities especially awesome?

The G-Rough Hotel was fabulous. It’s a highly curated boutique hotel right off the Piazza Navona. It’s sort of hipster fabulous in terms of the room decor and the rooms have names, not numbers. They also give you a really cool bag to wear while you’re there that you can purchase at the end of your stay and provide a list of their favorites spots in Rome, which was great.

The best activity I did was Scooteroma. I had a driver/guide (Mimo) take me all around the city on the back of a Vespa for about four hours. We stopped at a number of different sites and in a variety of different neighborhoods, and he had a ton of interesting and local knowledge about all of them.

Context Travel is was a fantastic way to see the Vatican and Colosseum. The groups are really small and the guides (all professors and PhDs) are extremely knowledgable.

Dislikes/things you would have done differently? 

There happened to be a fashion show while I was there and they closed an enormous area in and around the Trevi Fountain, which was funny but a little annoying.

If you had one more day? One less day?

If I had one more day I would have taken a day trip.