These are Amy’s tips from her trip to Portugal. Amy spent 2 nights in Lisbon and 6 nights on Sao Miguel island in the Azores. Amy visited Portugal to experience the culture, see the sights, go hiking, eat all the food and drink all the wine.

Any hotels, restaurants or activities especially awesome?

Lisbon. I loved the castle that overlooks the city, São Jorge Castle. We went there at sunset which was so lovely. I only wish we had gone an hour or so earlier to have more time to walk around/see the museum. And we should have brought our own wine!

Azores. Dinner at Quinta dos Sabores restaurant was my fave. And I loved the nature hike with Rimi from Minuvida hotel. It was so cool to learn about the flora/fauna of the area and have the cozito dinner. Wish we got to do the longer hike with them!

Dislikes/things you would have done differently? 

I loved Lisbon overall and would love to spend more time there. Will def be going back soon!

Azores…I liked our canyoning activity but I feel like its not for everyone. It was very cool to jump into the waterfalls but Captain Clumsy over here didn’t enjoy climbing over the slippery rocks in a wetsuit. Still glad I did it though!

If you had one more day? One less day?

One more day in Lisbon: rent a car and drive out of the city to see the coast/castles.

One more day in Azores: hang gliding and/or a longer hike! One less day-would have skipped the hot springs. I liked our hike over there that we did in the morning-was cool to see all the cozitos cooking, but the color and muddiness of the hot springs water at the ones by our hotel was a little off putting. Also, would have skipped getting food poisoning 🙂