If you’re heading to Budapest, or considering a visit, read this guide to the best places to stay in Budapest to know where to stay and get first-hand reviews of hotels.

Budapest was formed by combining the hilly Buda and flat Pest bisected by the River Danube.  Budapest is further broken up into 23 districts, which are numbered and also named.  The best districts to stay in Budapest are: District 1 (Castle District around Buda Castle on the Buda side); District V (along the River Danube on the Pest side); and District VI, District VII (Jewish Quarter), and District VIII (Palace Quarter), which are triangle shaped districts pointing towards the River.  It’s busier the closer you are to the river and the most restaurants are clustered in the portions of District VI, VII and VII shown in the map below.  Most of the best places to stay in Budapest are also those in the map, because most restaurants and sights will be easily accessible.


If you prefer quiet, historic neighborhoods, stay on the Buda side.  If you like the hustle and bustle and to be near most bars and restaurants, especially those more frequented by locals, then the best places for you to stay in Budapest will be on the Pest side.  If you’re staying 3 or more nights, try mixing it up.  Stay a night or two in Buda, which allows you to more easily get to the many historic sights earlier/later than the other tourists.  Then stay the other nights in more lively Pest.

Budapest hotels are more affordable than hotels in most other European cities.  Budapest is also a popular weekend destination for Europeans all year round, so it’s best to book ahead, especially the smaller boutique hotels.  And you’ll find better deals if you visit mid-week.  We’ve listed some of the best places to stay Budapest (just keep in mind the Travel Honey Pricing Guide). If you want to see reviews of these hotels on an interactive Google Map map, it’s included with each of the Travel Honey Budapest itineraries.   You’ll also get a day-by-day guide to the best activities and guides to the best restaurants and nightlife.

Best Places to Stay in Buda

Pest Buda Hotel – Design & Boutique ($$$)

Baltazar Boutique Hotel ($$)

Best Places to Stay in Pest

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace  ($$$$)

Aria Hotel Budapest ($$$)

Boscolo Budapest ($$$)

Corinthia Hotel Budapest ($$$)

Brody House  ($$$)

Hotel Palazzo Zichy Budapest ($$)

Hotel Moments ($$)

Casati Budapest Hotel ($$)

Luxury Downtown Apartments ($$)

Roombach Hotel Budapest Center ($)

Magazine Hotel  ($)

We hope you’re now equipped to choose the best place to stay in Budapest.  Don’t forget, check out the Travel Honey Budapest itineraries to see the hotels on an interactive Google Map, reviews of the hotels, and a day-by-day guide to the best activities.