Why are Travelers Visiting the Azores?

The Azores islands are best known for geothermal wonders such as volcanic lakes, geysers, black sand beaches and hot springs. There are lots of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, paragliding, whale watching and golfing.  When visiting the Azores, you’ll also enjoy museums, historic villages, festivals, sustainable farm tours and cooking classes. The Azores are made up of 9 different islands, so be sure to figure out which is the Best Azores island for you to visit.

Where Exactly are the Azores?

If you’re visiting the Azores from the U.S., it’s about 2400 miles (4.5 hours) from Boston and if you’re coming from Portugal, it’s about 900 miles (2 hours). We write more extensively about where exactly the Azores are here.


What airline do I fly When Visiting the Azores?

Azores Airlines flies direct from Boston. Azores Airlines also flies direct to Toronto and Providence, Montreal and Oakland in the summer months. The Azores Airlines offers a free stopover to Europe. Azores Airlines is currently not affiliated with another airline or alliance, but it has a business class and has just leased 6 new planes. We recommend booking directly with Azores Airlines and you should choose Azores > PDL as your “To” location.

The average cost for flights in the off season (Nov-April) is $600-$700 roundtrip, but they can reach $1000 in the peak summer months (in the summer, you can save by booking early and being flexible with your dates). The flight to São Miguel from the east coast is 4.5 -5.5 hours and typically leaves in the evening and arrives early the next morning.  The flight home is 5.5-6 hours and typically leaves between 3-6pm and arrives about 1.5 hours later with the time change.

If you’re coming form the U.S. we recommend booking a room for the night you arrive, because most check-in are not until 3pm, and most  flights arrive at 6am (when it is usually still dark). We highly suggest taking a nap to rejuvenate yourselves before starting your day! Checkout more info on Azores hotel options here.

What time of year is best to visit the Azores?

The islands enjoy a Gulf Stream climate where daily highs range between the 50sF and 70sF all year round. So there is never a wrong time to go, it just depends on your preferences. But whenever you go, be prepared for all types of weather and for it to change quickly!

Average monthly temperatures. Source: www.holiday-weather.com.

If you want to sun bathe on the beach, July and August are your best bet but June and September are a close second. You can also get occasional beach days in April/May/October. Because of the humidity, when it’s sunny, the real feel is higher than the listed temps. If you want to avoid crowds, skip July and August and even June and September are getting busy.  You can hike all year round and the cooler months are great time to enjoy hot springs.

Sao Miguel is green and lush so be prepared every day for it to rain, but it’s typically brief, so you can still get outside. And if you do get a bad day, you can explore Ponta Delgada or hit the hot springs!  Our Regional Guide includes links to the best weather websites for the islands and a webcam app, so you will know where the weather is best on the island.

Average monthly rain fall (in millimeters) and days it rains per month. Source: www.holiday-weather.com

Do most people speak English?

Yes, especially in Ponta Delgada and those involved with tourist activities. If you venture into the smaller towns, you’ll still find some, especially older folks, who don’t speak English.

What is the currency?

The Euro! You can read many more money and spending tips in the Travel Honey Sao Miguel itinerary and regional guide.

How do I get around When I’m Visiting the Azores? Are roads clearly marked?

The island is about 10 miles wide and 40 miles long, and there are major roads going to most of the must see sights.  Because there is very little public transportation, we suggesting getting a rental, so that you don’t have to rely on taxis and tours. You’ll have the freedom to explore the island and get off the beaten path.  The roads are clearly marked and Google Map is largely accurate.


How expensive is food and drink?

Food and drink, especially wine and beer, is more affordable than in the U.S.  The Azores food scene is really starting to blossom though, and with it, you are finding higher priced restaurants. At the fanciest restaurants, you’ll likely spend between $75-$100 per couple for dinner, including wine.

Other questions about Visiting the Azores?

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